download among us pc 2020

download among us pc 2020

 download among us pc Between Us is a multiplayer game that revolves around teamwork and betrayal! You and your crewmates can play this game online or over local Wi-Fi and try to keep your spaceship together. It is important that both of you cooperate with each other in order to return to civilization. But beware of whom you trust. There is an alien charlatan on board! among us A parasite analyzer has replaced a member of your crew. among us pc Your goal is to find out who he is. He'll sabotage the ship, sneak through the air vents, deceive you, and frame others so he doesn't blow his hood. The catch is that no one on the crew is allowed to speak in order to keep their identity secret.

download among us pc

General description of among us pc

In one of the download adventure games we offer you, among us, download today with all direct links from Mediafire Of course, the idea of ​​the game among us is quite similar to the famous cartoon Detective Conan, as it relies mainly on investigation and knowing who exactly is the criminal, yes my friend, so the Arabic translation For among us, who is the criminal? All the events of the Among S game take place in the vast space on one of the spacecraft, where there is an imminent danger of all the rubble unless the secret is resolved in the shortest time.

The idea of ​​downloading an among us game is about a team of experts going into space to discover it and send a report on everything about their mission, first Powell, but unfortunately, a surprise occurs that no one expected and a murder takes place inside the ship and everyone becomes suspicious of what is the criminal? Yes, you must know the criminal by proving the presence of each person at the time of the crime and by following lines of suspicion in each person until they reach the real criminal. Not only that, you must realize that the criminal is still at large, and his goal is not just one person, but his goal is the whole team. He wants to destroy the entire ship and eliminate everyone with one blow, including it is of the nature of the situation, so you are now in a struggle against time and against the coil, so can you find out who the criminal is and save everyone from certain death? among us pc

Download among us pc